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How to Confront Climate Denial

Literacy, Social Studies, and Climate Change

176 pages
Teachers College Press

Climate change and climate denial have remained largely off the radar in literacy and social studies education. This book addresses that gap with the design of the Climate Denial Inquiry Model (CDIM) and clear examples of how educators and students can confront two forms of climate denial: science denial and action denial. The CDIM highlights how critical literacies specifically designed for climate denial texts can be used alongside eco-civic practices of deliberation, reflexivity, and counter-narration to help students discern corporate, financial, and politically motivated roots of climate denial and to better understand efforts to misinform the American public, sow doubt and distrust of basic scientific knowledge, and erode support for evidence-based policymaking and collective civic action. With an emphasis on inquiry-based teaching and learning, the book also charts a path from destructive stories-we-live-by that are steeped in climate denial (humans are separate from nature, the primary goal of society is economic growth without limits, nature is a resource to be used and exploited) to ecojustice stories-To-live by that invite teachers and students to consider more just and sustainable futures.

Book Features:

  • An innovative model to help educators address climate science denial and climate action denial.
  • Clear examples of how to integrate critical literacies designed specifically for climate denial.
  • Concrete climate- and inquiry-based teaching and learning pathways in literacy and social studies with much potential for connections across other content areas.
  • A path from destructive stories steeped in climate denial to more just and sustainable futures.
Author Bio

James S. Damico is a professor of literacy, culture, and language education at Indiana University, Bloomington and a former elementary and middle school teacher from New Jersey. Mark C. Baildon is an associate professor in foundations of education at the United Arab Emirates University and a former middle and high school social studies teacher in schools around the world (United States, Israel, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan).