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Race Frames in Education

Structuring Inequality and Opportunity in a Changing Society

Sophia Rodriguez Gilberto Q. Conchas

288 pages
Teachers College Press

Beyond the commonplace inequalities that many minoritized youth face in the United States, the post-Trump contemporary moment has created rampant racialized material and symbolic violence occurring against Latinx, immigrant and undocumented immigrant, Asian American, and African American populations. Race Frames in Education advances the conversation about racial equity in educational contexts with a unique analysis centered on the concept of racial projects—a way of thinking not only about systems of racial domination and subjugation, but also of resistance. Chapter authors center racial analyses across multiple educational and community-based settings to underscore how racial projects advance equity or reproduce inequality. This much-needed anthology addresses a pressing issue in society: how to center race and expose systemic racism in order to transform communities, schooling, and educational policies. It challenges white dominance in education and social policy and practice in order to understand the material effects of race, racism, and white supremacist logic on minoritized populations.

Book Features:

  • Narratives that center the voices and grassroots-level resistance of underrepresented groups.
  • An examination of anti-immigrant policies and surveillance into communities that perpetuate the school to prison/deportation pipeline.
  • Empirical studies grounded in race frames, demonstrating the impact of race, systemic racism, whiteness, racialization, racial ideology, and dynamics on youth.
  • An underscoring of the interdisciplinary research, especially sociological and educational studies, that center racial analysis, equity, and advocacy efforts.
Author Bio

Sophia Rodriguez is an assistant professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership at the University of Maryland, College Park. Her scholarly work appears in Anthropology & Education Quarterly, Teachers College Record, and Urban Education among other outlets. Gilberto Q. Conchas is the Wayne K. & Anita Woolfolk Hoy Endowed Professor at The Pennsylvania State University. His books include The Color of Success: Race and High-Achieving Urban Youth, Cracks in the Schoolyard—Confronting Latino Educational Inequality, and Streetsmart Schoolsmart: Urban Poverty and the Education of Adolescent Boys.