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Curating a Literacy Life

Student-Centered Learning With Digital Media

144 pages
Teachers College Press

Curating a Literacy Life spotlights the idea of curation as a process for inspiring student-centered learning with digital media. In this book, Kist shows educators how to empower students as they make sense of all the books, videos, websites, and social media they access. Packed with ideas and activities developed at Glenville High School, the book presents a model for learning to learn. Using smartphones, a Netflix account, and access to a variety of YA, canonical, and media texts, the teachers created a vibrant learning community where students could pursue their own interests, from community histories to documentary filmmaking to social justice advocacy. Along the way, students learned a way of processing, making meaning, and repurposing the multimedia texts that are already deeply important in their everyday lives. Curating a Literacy Life is for both teachers and parents who are interested in helping young people harness, manage, and learn from the multiple messages and texts they encounter every day.

Book Features:

  • A powerful model to help teens make sense of and even repurpose the texts they encounter daily.
  • Ideas for making use of digital media in ways that are meaningful to today’s students.
  • Strategies for bridging the divide between in-school and out-of-school literacies.
  • Activities developed during the author’s years as an instructional coach at Cleveland’s Glenville High School.
Author Bio

William Kist is professor emeritus at Kent State University, an education consultant and coach, and the author of New Literacies in Action: Teaching and Learning in Multiple Media.