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Transforming Multicultural Education Policy and Practice

Expanding Educational Opportunity

James A. Banks Margaret Smith Crocco

416 pages
Teachers College Press

Join us in celebrating the 25th anniversary of James A. Banks’s Multicultural Education Series published by Teachers College Press—a dynamic series consisting of more than 70 published books with many more in the pipeline. This commemorative volume features engaging, incisive, and timely selections from the bestselling and most influential books in the series. Together, these selections address how multicultural education should be transformed for a nation and world that are becoming increasingly complex due to virulent racism, pernicious nationalism, mass migrations, interracial mixing, social-class stratification, and a global pandemic. The volume is divided into five parts: (1) History and Foundations of Intergroup and Multicultural Education; (2) Structural and Institutional Racism in Schools; (3) Culture, Teaching, and Learning; (4) Curriculum Reform: History, Ethnic Studies, and English Language Learners; and (5) School Reform. All chapters are authored by eminent education scholars, including Tyrone C. Howard, Sonia Nieto, Carol D. Lee, Guadalupe Valdés, Christine E. Sleeter, Linda Darling-Hammond, Pedro A. Noguera, and James W. Loewen.

Book Features:

  • Informative and engaging selections from the most important and influential publications in the Multicultural Education Series.
  • An introduction by James A. Banks that integrates and interrelates the chapters and describes how they can be used to transform multicultural education for a changing world.
  • An afterword by Margaret Smith Crocco that synthesizes the book and describes ways to implement school reform that expands educational opportunity.
Author Bio

James A. Banks is the Kerry and Linda Killinger Endowed Chair in Diversity Studies Emeritus at the University of Washington, Seattle.