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Doing Case Study Research

A Practical Guide for Beginning Researchers

Dawson R. Hancock Bob Algozzine Jae Hoon Lim

144 pages
Teachers College Press

Now in a Fourth Edition, this how-to guide is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to begin case study research. The authors—all professors teaching graduate students in education and other professions—provide the structure, detail, and guidance needed for beginning researchers to complete a systematic case study. Improvements for this edition include more practical and detailed guidance for conducting a literature review, a more efficient and easy-to-understand reorganization of the case study examples, and updated citations throughout the text. As with previous editions, this succinct handbook emphasizes learning how to do case study research—from the first step of deciding whether a case study is the way to go to the last step of verifying and confirming findings before disseminating them. It shows students how to determine an appropriate research design, conduct informative interviews, record observations, document analyses, delineate ways to confirm case study findings, describe methods for deriving meaning from data, and communicate findings.

Book Features:

  • Straightforward introduction to the science of doing case study research.
  • A step-by-step approach that speaks directly to the novice investigator.
  • Many concrete examples to illustrate key concepts.
  • Questions, illustrations, and activities to reinforce what has been learned.
Author Bio

Dawson R. Hancock was associate dean for research and graduate studies in the Cato College of Education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is currently a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership. Bob Algozzine is a First Citizens Bank Scholars Medal recipient and emeritus professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at UNC Charlotte. Jae Hoon Lim is a professor of educational research at UNC Charlotte.