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Art and Technology

Innovative K–12 Digital Lessons

Sheyda Ardalan Cheryl Adler Iozzo Judith M. Burton

120 pages
Teachers College Press

Learn how to use digital technologies to provide a rich new entry-point for art students to make meaning, express their thoughts, and visualize their ideas. Through the lens of artistic development, this book offers a wide-ranging scope and sequence of over 50 technology-based art lessons. Each lesson plan includes the art activity, learning level, lesson objective, developmental rationale, list of materials, and suggested questions to motivate and engage students. The text also includes images of student work, students at work, and the environment of the classroom (many in full color). The authors’ pedagogical approach begins with inquiry-based exploratory activities followed by more in-depth digital art lessons that relate to students’ interests and experiences. With knowledge of how technology can be used in educationally sound ways, educators are better equipped to advocate for the technological resources they need. By incorporating technology into the art classroom—as a stand-alone art medium or in conjunction with traditional studio materials—teachers and students remain on top of 21st-century learning with increased opportunities for innovation.

Book Features:

  • Guidance for technology use in the K–12 art curriculum, including specifics for adopting sequential strategies in each grade.
  • Cost-effective strategies that place teachers and students in a position to explore and learn from one another.
  • Developmental theories to help art teachers and curriculum designers successfully incorporate new media.
  • Engaging digital art lessons that acknowledge the role technologies play in the lives of today’s young people.
  • Novel approaches to art education, such as distance learning, animation, 3D printing, and virtual reality.
Author Bio

Sheyda Ardalan is a professional fine artist, an art teacher at Greenwich High School in Greenwich, CT, and a former adjunct professor of art and art education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Cheryl Adler Iozzo is an art teacher at North Street Elementary School in Greenwich, CT. She was named Greenwich Teacher of the Year in 2014 and was a 2015 CT Teacher of the Year Semifinalist. Cheryl is also a practicing artist.