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Generation Mixed Goes to School

Radically Listening to Multiracial Kids

Ralina L. Joseph Allison Briscoe-Smith James A. Banks

192 pages
Teachers College Press

Generation Mixed Goes to School radically listens to and weaves together stories of mixed-race children and youth, teachers, and caregivers with perspectives and research from social and developmental psychology, Critical Mixed Race Studies, and education. This book investigates how implicit bias affects multiracial kids in unforeseen ways, impacting those who are read as children of color as well as those who are not; how the silencing and invisibility of their experiences often create a barrier for mixed-race kids to engage in nuanced conversations about race and identity in the classroom; and how teachers are finding powerful ways to make meaningful connections with their mixed-race students. In addition, this book breaks out of the Black–White binary to include the perspectives of mixed-race children from Asian American, Latinx, and Native American backgrounds. It also diverges from scholarship on mixed-race youth by providing viewpoints from children who come from two or more communities of color, and not simply those who are from White–people of color backgrounds.

Book Features:

  • Examination of the most contemporary issues that impact mixed-race children and youth, including the racialized violence with which our country is now reckoning.
  • Guided exercises with relevant, action-oriented information for educators, parents, and caregivers in every chapter.
  • Engaging storytelling that brings the school worlds of mixed-race children and youth to life.
  • Interdisciplinary scholarship from social and developmental psychology, Critical Mixed Race Studies, and education.
Author Bio

Ralina Joseph is Presidential Term Professor of Communication, director of the Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity, and associate dean of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the University of Washington, Seattle. Allison Briscoe-Smith is a clinical psychologist and director of diversity, equity, and inclusion at The Wright Institute.