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Excluded by Choice

Urban Students with Disabilities in the Education Marketplace

Federico R. Waitoller Alfredo J. Artiles Alfredo J. Artiles

216 pages
Teachers College Press

Through powerful narratives of parents of Black and Latinx students with disabilities, this book provides a unique look at the relationship between disability, race, urban space, and market-driven educational policies. Offering significant insights into complex forms of educational exclusion, the text illustrates the actual challenges and paradoxes of school choice faced by today’s parents. Included are explanations for the kinds of injustices students with disabilities face every day, as well as resources that can be helpful for engaging in collective action aimed at improving educational services for all children. This accessible resource offers recommendations to help policymakers, charter school administrators, teachers, and families tackle the challenges of school choice while dealing effectively with the new generation of inclusive schools.

Book Features:

  • Presents a first-of-its-kind look at how Black and Latinx parents of students with disabilities experience market-driven approaches to education.
  • Identifies the consequences of push-out practices in charter schools and how families experience and resist these practices.
  • Situates school choice amid historical and compounding forms of exclusion associated with geographical (neighborhood) and social (disability, race, and class) locations.
  • Provides lessons learned and valuable guidance for creating a new generation of inclusive charter schools.
Author Bio

Federico R. Waitoller is an associate professor in the department of special education at the University of Illinois at Chicago.