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The Art of Reflective Teaching

Practicing Presence

Carol R. Rodgers

176 pages
Teachers College Press

The Art of Reflective Teaching examines what it means to be present in one’s teaching. The book begins with an in-depth definition of presence from several different angles. The text goes on to delineate what a teacher may be present to, providing a map for useful discussions among teachers and between teachers and students. The book then outlines the structure of reflection, its intentional practice, and its importance to presence. Finally, it provides a detailed outline for teaching presence to new and preservice teachers. Rodgers’s curriculum integrates mindfulness practice with reflection, using presence as a bridge between the two. Drawing on her own experiences and those of her students, the author demonstrates how reflective teaching is grounded in a living and evolving philosophy of practice.

Book Features:

  • Shows educators how to mentally and emotionally connect themselves to their students, their classroom, and their teaching.
  • Provides a tested structure for reflective practice based on both the work of John Dewey and the author’s own practice.
  • Includes a course outline for teaching presence that can be used by teacher educators, professional developers, and teacher inquiry groups.
Author Bio

Carol R. Rodgers is associate professor of education at the State University of New York at Albany.