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Reading Turn-Around with Emergent Bilinguals

A Five-Part Framework for Powerful Teaching and Learning (Grades K–6)

Amanda Claudia Wager Lane W. Clarke Grace Enriquez Camille M. Garcia Gilberto P. Lara Rebecca Reynolds Ofelia García

176 pages
Teachers College Press
This practical resource will help K–6 practitioners grow their literacy practices while also meeting the needs of emergent bilingual learners. Building on the success of The Reading Turn-Around, this book adapts the five-part framework for reading instruction to the specific needs of emergent bilinguals. Designed for teachers who have not specialized in bilingual instruction, the authors provide an accessible introduction to differentiating instruction that focuses on utilizing students’ strengths, identities, and cultural backgrounds to foster effective literacy instruction. Chapters include classroom vignettes, teacher exercises, illustrations of powerful reading plans for the student and teacher, resources for culturally and linguistically diverse children’s literature, and tools to engage with students’ families and communities. Book Features: Grounded in current theories and research in the teaching and learning of literacy as it relates to emerging bilingual learners. Accessible to K–6 educators, ESL and bilingual teachers, principals, literacy coaches, and curriculum developers. Borrows from the framework of Comber and Kamler’s (2005) “turn-around pedagogies”, which draws on student’s strengths and assets to support teachers in improving their classroom practices. Emphasizes student-centered practices that are rooted in a child’s identity as a reader and language learner. Based on Freebody and Luke’s Four Resources Model (1990, 1999) but also includes a “fifth” dimension that foregrounds issues of identity.
Author Bio
Amanda Claudia Wager is Canada Research Chair in Community Research in Art, Culture, and Education at Vancouver Island University. Lane W. Clarke is an associate professor of education at the University of New England. Grace Enriquez is an associate professor at Lesley University and co-author of The Classroom Bookshelf, a blog published weekly by the School Library Journal. Lane and Grace coauthored (with Stephanie Jones) The Reading Turn-Around: A Five-Part Framework for Differentiated Instruction.