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Read, Write, Inquire

Disciplinary Literacy in Grades 6–12

Hiller A. Spires Shea N. Kerkhoff Casey Medlock Paul

168 pages
Teachers College Press

In this practical guide, literacy experts show teachers how to use project-based inquiry to build students’ discipline-specific skills and knowledge in grades 6–12. The authors present a five-phase framework that incorporates their professional development experience working with over 3,000 teachers. By making the intuitive practices of the disciplines explicit within an inquiry process, students have opportunities to construct new knowledge by employing practices used by literary critics, scientists, historians, and mathematicians. Read, Write, Inquire responds to the current focus on disciplinary literacy across multiple sets of standards, offering a clear blueprint to help teachers meet these standards while also providing students with deep learning across the curriculum.

Book Features:

  • A model that connects project-based inquiry and disciplinary literacy for deeper learning among teachers and students.
  • Classroom vignettes and practical examples are used to illustrate the model.
  • A chapter on connecting digital and global literacies with the inquiry model.
  • Appropriate for multiple sets of standards, including the Next Generation Science Standards, the 3C Framework for Social Studies, and the Common Core State Standards.
Author Bio

Hiller A. Spires is an alumni distinguished graduate professor at the College of Education and senior research fellow at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at North Carolina State University. Shea N. Kerkhoff is an assistant professor of secondary education at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. Casey Medlock Paul is a lecturer at the College of Education, North Carolina State University.