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EdSpeak and Doubletalk

A Glossary to Decipher Hypocrisy and Save Public Schooling

Diane Ravitch Nancy E. Bailey

176 pages
Teachers College Press
The debate over public schools has become highly politicized, featuring movements dedicated to privatizing public schools and diminishing teacher professionalism. People who had long treasured their local public schools are now being told that our nation’s schools are “failing,” that we are not preparing children for “the global economy.” Many of these purveyors of doom and gloom are working to disrupt public schools and have created their own purposely deceptive vocabulary to assist their efforts. In this important book, Ravitch and Bailey decipher and demystify the new language of education. They describe the key terms and groups currently embroiled in the corporate fight besieging schools. EdSpeak and Doubletalk is an essential resource for anyone seeking to gain deeper awareness and understanding about the fight for public education. It is also an excellent text for any university class that deals with teaching, educational administration, and policymaking. Book Features: Guides readers through the thickets of jargon and hype that often become sales pitches to unwary consumers. Exposes organizations and programs that are branded with positive promotional names but are often harmful to the most disadvantaged students. Shines a light on the language related to practices that are seriously endangering democratic public schools and the teaching profession. Includes an online glossary of new terms that will be updated by the authors.
Author Bio
Diane Ravitch is a research professor of education at New York University, a historian of education, blogger (dianeravitch.net), and bestselling author. She is the founder and president of the Network for Public Education (NPE). Nancy E. Bailey is an education blogger (nancyebailey.com), author, and longtime public school teacher in the area of special education. She has also taught teachers at the college level and is an advocate for safe school facilities.