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Why Race and Culture Matter in Schools

Closing the Achievement Gap in America's Classrooms

Tyrone C. Howard James A. Banks

208 pages
Teachers College Press

Issues tied to race and culture continue to be a part of the landscape of America’s schools and classrooms. Given the rapid demographic transformation in the nation’s states, cities, counties, and schools, it is essential that all school personnel acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions to talk, teach, and think across racial and cultural differences. The second edition of Howard’s bestseller has been updated to take a deeper look at how schools must be prepared to respond to disparate outcomes among students of color. Tyrone Howard draws on theoretical constructs tied to race and racism, culture, and opportunity gaps to address pressing issues stemming from the chronic inequalities that remain prevalent in many schools across the country. This time-honored text will help educators at all levels respond with greater conviction and clarity on how to create more equitable, inclusive, and democratic schools as sites for teaching and learning.

The New Edition:

  • Addresses changing ethnic and racial demographics in U.S. schools and communities.
  • Identifies core gaps in academic outcomes across racial and ethnic lines.
  • Addresses potential root causes of academic disparities.
  • Offers recommendations for addressing disparities in outcomes.
  • Provides in-depth analysis on the salience of race and racism in U.S. schools.
  • Includes strategies to help school leaders create more equitable schools.
  • Identifies innovative programs with evidence-based results on eliminating disparities.
Author Bio

Tyrone C. Howard is a professor of education at the School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA and director of the UCLA Black Male Institute and the UCLA Pritzker Center for Strengthening Children and Families. His books include Black Male(d): Peril and Promise in the Education of African American Males and Expanding College Access for Urban Youth: What Schools and Colleges Can Do. He received the 2022 AERA Social Justice in Education Award.