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Learning Trajectories for Teachers

Designing Effective Professional Development for Math Instruction

Paola Sztajn P. Holt Wilson

176 pages
Teachers College Press
Designed to strengthen the teaching of mathematics in the elementary grades, this book focuses on helping teachers engage in instruction based on learning trajectories (LTs). The authors bring together the experiences and key research-based findings of four different groups of teacher educators that created effective professional development around LTs. Beginning with a brief introduction to the key principles of LTs, the text then examines four exemplary projects with details on professional development design, teacher learning, and project implementation. The book features contributions from renowned scholars, including a final discussion and commentary chapter by professional development researcher Hilda Borko. Book Features: A brief introduction to learning trajectories—what they are and their potential to improve instruction. Key takeaways from professional development designers. The practices of professional development designers and facilitators with years of experience helping teachers learn about trajectories. Exclusive details about professional development design not found in other resources.
Author Bio
Paola Sztajn is associate dean for research and innovation and professor of mathematics education at the College of Education, North Carolina State University. P. Holt Wilson is an associate professor of mathematics education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.