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Math That Matters

Targeted Assessment and Feedback for Grades 3–8

Marian Small Damian Cooper

192 pages
Teachers College Press
In this insightful math resource for grades 3–8, popular professional developer Marian Small helps teachers understand and facilitate meaningful assessments to advance student understandings. Small shows new and veteran teachers how to do three fundamental things well: identify the most important math to assess; construct meaningful assessments—both formative and summative—to measure student understanding; and provide students with feedback that is clear, timely, and specific. Examples for each grade level are provided, along with details on how to pose questions, analyze errors, and help students understand and learn from their mistakes. The book provides specific guidance for when and how to offer feedback on both correct and incorrect answers in order to advance students’ mathematical thinking. Like other Marian Small bestsellers, Math That Matters combines her special brand of lucid explanation of difficult concepts with fresh and engaging activities. Book Features: Comprehensively addresses different mathematical domains for each grade (3–8). Organized around common core curriculum groupings but still applicable to other sets of mathematical standards. Includes student examples with suggestions for targeted, constructive feedback. Uses a strength-based approach to teacher education and professional learning.
Author Bio
Marian Small is the former dean of education at the University of New Brunswick and a longtime professor of mathematics education. She is widely known for her bestselling books and her in-district work with educators in the United States and Canada. Visit her website onetwoinfinity.ca for in-person and online professional development.