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Social Justice Literacies in the English Classroom

Teaching Practice in Action

Ashley S. Boyd Deborah Appleman

160 pages
Teachers College Press
This timely book focuses on different social justice pedagogies and how they can work within standards and district mandates in a variety of English language arts classrooms. With detailed analysis and authentic classroom vignettes, the author explores how teachers cultivate relationships for equity, utilize transformative language practices, demonstrate critical caring, and develop students’ critical literacies with traditional and critical content. Boyd offers a comprehensive model for taking social action with youth that also considers the obstacles teachers are likely to encounter. Presenting the case for more equity-oriented teaching, this rich resource examines the benefits of engaging students with critical pedagogies and provides concrete methods for doing so. Written for both pre- and inservice teachers, the text includes adaptable teaching models and tested ideas for preparing to teach for social justice. Book Features: Conceptualizes social justice as a set of “literacies” that can be learned and cultivated. Depicts social action projects being used to meet Common Core State Standards. Illustrates how social justice happens in small moments, both those that are planned and those that arise spontaneously. Shows teachers from rural and urban contexts adapting social justice to their teaching style and environment.
Author Bio
Ashley S. Boyd is an assistant professor of English education at Washington State University.