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"Why We Drop Out"

Understanding and Disrupting Student Pathways to Leaving School

Deborah L. Feldman Antony T. Smith Barbara L. Waxman Camille A. Farrington

160 pages
Teachers College Press
Through engaging stories and the use of students’ voices, this book corrects persistent misconceptions about youth who drop out of high school. Based on research conducted with high school dropouts in both urban and rural communities, the authors argue that, contrary to popular belief, most dropouts are not disengaged from school at an early age. Many have positive memories of their education, both social and academic, that educators and policymakers can draw on to create successful prevention and intervention practices. The narratives and insights presented here will help readers to better understand the interplay of school-related and personal factors that lead students to drop out of school. "Why We Drop Out" is essential reading for K–12 educators, school principals, counselors, psychologists, and everyone concerned with our nation’s dropout crisis. Book Features: Looks beyond stereotypes to more effectively identify students at risk. Identifies the underlying patterns and processes associated with dropping out. Incorporates student profiles and experiences to illustrate key issues. Includes a research-based framework to help readers connect stories to policy implications.
Author Bio
Deborah L. Feldman is a senior research consultant based in Seattle who works with public-sector and private non-profit organizations. Antony T. Smith is associate professor in the School of Educational Studies at the University of Washington Bothell. Barbara L. Waxman, an educational consultant based in Seattle, teaches in an innovative teacher certification program dedicated to developing bilingual and diverse educators at Western Washington University.