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Teaching Mathematical Thinking

Tasks and Questions to Strengthen Practices and Processes

Marian Small Linda Dacey

144 pages
Teachers College Press
This new resource by math education expert Marian Small helps schools and districts to refine their teaching of standards-based mathematical practices. Small devotes a chapter to each of the eight standards of practice and includes a discussion of what each standard looks like in grades K–2, 3–5, and 6–8. Specific attention is given to helping students make sense of problems and persevere in solving them (Standard 1) and to encouraging students to create viable mathematical arguments and to effectively and respectfully critique the reasoning of others (Standard 3). The author also discusses how to formatively assess student performance for each practice standard. To provide additional support to U.S. teachers in their instructional planning, this resource includes attention to the Canadian math processes of visualization and mental math and estimation. Book Features: Addresses common misunderstandings and places where teachers and students struggle. Provides lucid explanations of difficult concepts. Presents fresh and engaging teaching examples. Offers helpful troubleshooting tips. Includes examples of student work. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Visit Marian Small’s website onetwoinfinity.ca for in-person and online professional development.
Author Bio
Marian Small is the former dean of education at the University of New Brunswick and longtime professor of mathematics education. She is widely known for her bestselling books and her in-district work with educators in the United States and Canada. Visit her website onetwoinfinity.ca for in-person and online professional development.