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Leading for Change in Early Care and Education

Cultivating Leadership from Within

Anne L. Douglass Lea J. E. Austin Sharon Ryan

144 pages
Teachers College Press
Featuring both research findings and practical recommendations, this book presents an innovative framework for nurturing leadership in the care and education of young children. Early educators are often seen as the objects of change, rather than the architects and co-creators of change. Douglass calls for a paradigm shift in thinking that challenges many long-held stereotypes about the early care and education workforce’s capacity to lead change. Case studies show how educators use their expertise every day to make a difference in the lives of children and families. These accounts demonstrate concrete strategies for expanding current thinking about who can be leaders for change and for developing more inclusive pathways for leadership. This book has the potential to revolutionize the field with a new model for developing and nurturing innovative, entrepreneurial, and skilled early educator leaders capable of driving transformative change—from classrooms and home-based programs to communities and beyond. Book Features: A cross-disciplinary examination of leadership, improvement, and innovation. A framework for building ecosystems that supports professional growth and teacher retention. Case studies that reveal immense untapped potential from within the early care and education workforce. A critical look at the current state of leadership and quality improvement in early childhood education.
Author Bio
Anne L. Douglass is associate professor and founding executive director at the Institute for Early Education Leadership and Innovation , University of Massachusetts Boston.