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Literacy Success for Emergent Bilinguals

Getting It Right in the PreK–2 Classroom

Theresa A. Roberts Susan B. Neuman D. Ray Reutzel

176 pages
Teachers College Press
This practical book will help early childhood teachers (preK–2) understand and respond to the multiple influences (school, home, and societal) that affect emergent bilingual children’s academic achievement. The author explains the foundations of first- and second-language development and then provides teaching and curriculum practices specific to reading and English language arts. Chapters address incorporating first-language strengths, acquiring a second language, learning to read, building vocabulary, comprehending and thinking with text and language, helping children persevere, and more. Approaches for collaborating with families accompany each chapter. This book is designed to help teachers understand the underlying principles so they can modify, develop, and adjust their practice to be most effective for the emergent bilingual children they teach. It is a valuable resource for developing bilingual programs, teacher preparation, and professional development. Book Features: Teaching practices aligned with Preschool Learning Frameworks and the Common Core and other state standards. Summaries of teaching strategies and educational principles for easy reference. Broad coverage that includes language, literacy, motivation, and family collaboration. Key concepts illustrated with detailed lesson examples. Seamless integration of research findings and practical applications. “Apply Your Knowledge” sections to support ongoing dialogue for courses, coaching, and professional development.
Author Bio
Theresa A. Roberts is currently a professional development consultant and senior research associate at the Oregon Research Institute. She is a professor emeritus at the California State University, Sacramento.