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Performance-Based Pay for Educators

Assessing the Evidence

Jennifer King Rice Betty Malen

208 pages
Teachers College Press
This book provides an in-depth analysis of a performance-based pay initiative and crystalizes the design issues and implementation challenges that confounded efforts to translate this promising policy into practice. This story has much to say to academics and policymakers who are trying to figure out the combinations of incentives and the full range of resources required to establish incentive programs that promote an adequate supply and equitable distribution of capable and committed educators for our public schools. The book uncovers the conditions that appear to be necessary, if not fully sufficient, for performance-based initiatives to have a chance to realize their ambitious aims and the research that is required to guide policy development. In so doing, the authors consider the thorny question of whether performance-based pay systems for educators are worth the investment. Book Features: Examines the use of educator compensation reform as a tool to improve human capital in chronically low-performing schools. Analyzes how a theoretically promising incentive program actually plays out in schools. Documents policy implementation and its impacts through the experiences and voices of teachers and school administrators. Concludes with clear and actionable recommendations for policy and research.
Author Bio
Jennifer King Rice is professor of education policy and associate dean of graduate studies and faculty affairs in the College of Education at the University of Maryland. Betty Malen is a professor of education policy and Distinguished Scholar Teacher at the University of Maryland.