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Word Study in the Inclusive Secondary Classroom

Supporting Struggling Readers and Students with Disabilities

Melinda Leko

144 pages
Teachers College Press
Word study integrates decoding/phonics, spelling, and vocabulary instruction to help struggling readers identify unfamiliar words in order to improve reading comprehension. This book provides secondary teachers with practical strategies to embed word study instruction in content area classes and support the needs of adolescent readers, particularly those with disabilities. The text includes many useful teaching resources, such as sample lesson plans, reproducible teaching tools, web resource lists, and tips about technology-based learning tools. This comprehensive, hands-on volume will also appeal to teachers who are new to word study, especially those who have students with disabilities in their classrooms. Book Features: Outlines how word study techniques can help teachers address students’ reading challenges. Focuses on the inclusion of adolescents with disabilities in content area courses. Offers techniques for understanding content-dense, multisyllabic words that are commonly found in disciplinary texts. Includes many user-friendly features, such as classroom examples, discussion questions, teaching tips, and resource lists.
Author Bio
Melinda M. Leko is an assistant professor in the department of special education at the University of Kansas.