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Reading, Writing, and Talk

Inclusive Teaching Strategies for Diverse Learners, K–2

Mariana Souto-Manning Jessica Martell Gloria Ladson-Billings

176 pages
Teachers College Press

This book introduces a variety of inclusive strategies for teaching language and literacy in kindergarten through 2nd grade. Readers are invited into classrooms where racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse children’s experiences, unique strengths, and expertise are supported and valued. Chapters focus on oral language, reading, and writing development and include diverse possibilities for culturally relevant and inclusive teaching. Featured teaching strategies foster academic success, cultural competence, and critical consciousness—leading students to read their worlds and question educational and societal inequities.

Early childhood teachers will find this book invaluable as they consider effective ways to teach diverse children. The hands-on examples and strategies portrayed will help educators expand their thinking and repertoires regarding what is possible—and needed—in the language and literacy education curriculum. Unique in its focus on equitable, fully inclusive, and culturally relevant language and literacy teaching, this important book will help K–2 teachers (re)think and (re)conceptualize their own practices.

Book Features:

  • Showcases culturally relevant and inclusive ways of teaching reading and writing in the early childhood classroom.
  • Uses vivid classroom examples to show how teachers and students build on diversities as strengths, fostering educational success.
  • Includes the voices of teachers who employ theoretically informed and equitable language and literacy teaching practices in their own K–2 classrooms.
Author Bio

Mariana Souto-Manning is associate professor and coordinator of the Early Childhood Education Program at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her books include Courageous Leadership in Early Childhood Education, Multicultural Teaching in the Early Childhood Classroom, and Teachers Act Up! Jessica Martell is an elementary school teacher with over 17 years of experience working with diverse student populations in New York City’s public schools.