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How to Prevent Special Education Litigation

Eight Legal Lesson Plans

Regina Umpstead Janet R. Decker Kevin P. Brady David Schimmel Matthew Militello

128 pages
Teachers College Press
It is essential that today’s educators and school leaders are more informed about the legal rights and entitlements of students with disabilities. This resource provides eight easy-to-implement lesson plans on special education law that require no legal knowledge and can be facilitated by school principals, special education directors, teachers, or university instructors. In short one-hour sessions, participants learn by engaging in practical activities instead of only passively reading about the law. All of the lessons utilize actual situations that have led to expensive litigation and each includes the following sections: Introduction for Facilitators; Materials Needed; Hook; Background, Purpose, and Objectives of the Lesson; Activity; Questions for Conversation; Test Your Knowledge; and Additional Resources. This one-of-a-kind book will help schools and districts reduce the time and energy devoted to dealing with violations of the law, resolving parental complaints, correcting errors by school employees, and more. Book Features: A focus on important special education legal issues occurring in schools today. Field-tested lesson plans that can be adopted by schools nationwide because they are based on federal law. Everything needed to teach the lessons, including materials, scripts, interactive activities, and discussion questions. Measurable objectives and assessments to ensure the participants have learned the intended content of the lesson.
Author Bio
Regina Umpstead is an associate professor of educational leadership at Central Michigan University. Janet R. Decker is an assistant professor of educational leadership at Indiana University’s School of Education. Kevin P. Brady is an associate professor in the department of curriculum and instruction at the University of Arkansas. David Schimmel is professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Matthew Militello is a professor and the Wells Fargo Endowed Chair of Educational Leadership at East Carolina University.