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Literacy Theory as Practice

Connecting Theory and Instruction in K–12 Classrooms

Lara J. Handsfield Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar

240 pages
Teachers College Press
This comprehensive textbook introduces readers to the most influential theories and models of reading and literacy, ranging from behaviorism and early information-processing theories to social constructionist and critical theories. Focusing on how these theories connect with different curricular approaches to literacy instruction (pre-K to grade 12), the author shows how they both shape and are shaped by everyday literacy practices in classrooms. Readers are invited to explore detailed vignettes that offer a practice-based view of theories as they are brought to life in the classroom. Unlike other books on literacy theories, this one devotes substantial attention to linguistically and culturally diverse classrooms and 21st-century technologies. Book Features: Descriptions of well-known curricular models and assessment approaches. Detailed examples from specific areas of reading and literacy instruction that are prominent in today’s schools. Textbox discussions exploring histories, terminology, and debates relevant to the theories presented. Examination of how theories and practices relate to current policy initiatives, such as the Common Core State Standards. User-friendly text features, such as charts, reference lists, and inset boxes to help clarify complex concepts.
Author Bio
Lara J. Handsfield is associate professor of elementary education and literacy in the School of Teaching and Learning at Illinois State University and co-editor of the journal Action in Teacher Education.