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Growing Critically Conscious Teachers

A Social Justice Curriculum for Educators of Latino/a Youth

Angela Valenzuela Sonia Nieto Christine E. Sleeter

208 pages
Teachers College Press
To meet the needs of the fast-growing number of Latino/a English learners, this volume presents an approach to secondary education teacher preparation based on the work of the National Latino/a Education Research and Policy Project (NLERAP). Renowned scholar and educator Angela Valenzuela, together with an impressive roster of contributors, provides a critical framework for educating culturally responsive teachers. They examine the knowledge, skills, and predispositions required for higher education institutions to create curricula for educating Latino/a children, children of color, and language-minority youth. Growing Critically Conscious Teachers illuminates why growing our own teachers makes sense as an approach for not only addressing the achievement gap, but for also enhancing the well-being of our communities as a whole. Book Features: A community-based, university- and district-connected partnership model that fosters students’ critical consciousness. A framework for participatory action research (PAR) within teacher preparation that promotes community and societal transformation. A curriculum premised on sociocultural and sociopolitical awareness. The wisdom, experiences, and lessons learned from educators who have been change agents in their own schools, communities, and college classrooms across the country.
Author Bio
Angela Valenzuela is a professor in the Department of Educational Administration, Education Policy and Planning and Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Cultural Studies in Education at the College of Education, University of Texas at Austin.