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Human Rights and Schooling

An Ethical Framework for Teaching for Social Justice

Audrey Osler James A. Banks

192 pages
Teachers College Press
Most of the struggles for equitable schooling, including multicultural curricula and culturally responsive teaching, have largely taken place on a local or national stage, with little awareness of how international human rights standards might support these struggles. Human Rights and Schooling explores the potential of human rights frameworks to support grassroots struggles for justice and examines the impact that human rights and child rights education can make in the lives of students, including the most marginalized. The author, Audrey Osler, examines the theory, research, and practice linking human rights to education in order to broaden the concept of citizenship and social studies education. Bringing scholarship and practice together, the text uses concrete examples to illustrate the links between principles and ideals and actual efforts to realize social justice in and through education. Osler anchors her examination of human rights in the U.N Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as the U.N. Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training. Book Features: Supports teachers in their everyday struggles for social justice. Contributes to theory and practice in human rights education. Advocates for greater international solidarity and cooperation in multicultural education. Explores how the concept of child rights can strengthen education for democracy.
Author Bio
Audrey Osler is professor of education at the University College of Southeast Norway and at the University of Leeds, UK, where she was founding director of the interdisciplinary Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights Education (CCHRE).