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Teaching Transnational Youth—Literacy and Education in a Changing World

Allison Skerrett Randy Bomer

144 pages
Teachers College Press
This is the first book to specifically address the needs of transnational youth, a growing population of students who live and go to school across the United States and other nations including Mexico and different Caribbean islands. The author describes a coherent approach to English language arts and literacy education that supports the literacy learning and development of transnational students, while incorporating these students’ unique experiences to enrich the learning of all students. Drawing from exemplary teachers’ classroom practice and research-based approaches, the book demonstrates how teachers can engage with transnationalism to reap the unique and significant benefits this phenomenon presents for literacy education. These benefits include a deeper appreciation of cultural and linguistic diversity, an increased awareness of world citizenship, and the development of globally informed ways of reading, writing, investigating, and thinking. Book Features: Describes a comprehensive approach to literacy education that is more inclusive, productive, and powerful for all students. Shows teachers how attending to transnationalism can fit within and enhance the work they already do with all of their students. Includes learning activities that align with best practices for building multicultural, multilingual, and other forms of border-crossing knowledge and skills. Includes specific strategies teachers can use to address the unique challenges that transnationalism poses, such as extended absences from the classroom.
Author Bio
Allison Skerrett is associate professor in the department of curriculum and instruction at The University of Texas at Austin.