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Mathematics Professional Development

Improving Teaching Using the Problem-Solving Cycle and Leadership Preparation Models

Hilda Borko Jennifer Jacobs Karen Koellner Lyn E. Swackhamer

160 pages
Teachers College Press

This resource will help school leaders and other professional development providers conduct ongoing, structured learning opportunities for mathematics teachers (K–12). The authors present models for professional development and the preparation of PD leaders designed and field-tested as part of two research projects supported by the National Science Foundation. The Problem-Solving Cycle model and the Mathematics Leadership Preparation model focus on topics of primary interest to mathematics teachers: mathematics content, classroom instruction, and student learning. The models are intentionally designed so that they can be tailored to meet the needs and interests of participating teachers and schools. Through engaging vignettes, the authors describe the models, summarize key research findings, and share lessons learned. The book also includes detailed examples of workshop activities for both teachers and PD leaders.

Book Features:

  • Supports teachers’ learning and teaching of math in line with current reform principles.
  • Develops math teachers’ capacity to foster students’ learning of the CCSSM content and practices.
  • Prepares teacher leaders to facilitate professional development.
  • Illustrates the use of video as part of professional development.
  • Includes examples of workshop activities for teachers and teacher leaders.
Author Bio

Hilda Borko is a professor of education at Stanford University and past president of the American Educational Research Association (2003–2004). Jennifer Jacobs is a research faculty associate with the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Karen Koellner is a professor of mathematics education at Hunter College, City University of New York. Lyn E. Swackhamer is a research associate at RMC Research Corporation in Denver, Colorado.