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Reading Across Multiple Texts in the Common Core Classroom, K-5

Janice A. Dole Brady E. Donaldson Rebecca S. Donaldson Robert J. Marzano Susan B. Neuman D. Ray Reutzel

144 pages
Teachers College Press
This teacher-friendly resource addresses one of the most important critical reading skills in the Common Core State Standards—reading across multiple texts. As the world grows ever more complicated, students increasingly need to become skillful at reading multiple sources, and comparing, contrasting, and integrating texts. Responding specifically to Standards 7 and 9, this guide shows teachers how to work with students as they read, think about, critique, and evaluate multiple texts, including narrative and informational, print, graphic, and video, in hard copy and online. The authors provide strategies for helping students answer text-dependent questions, find evidence in a text, and scan for information. Model lessons developed and taught by the authors and fellow educators will be especially useful to teachers, whether they are beginning or expanding their teaching of multiple texts. Book Features: Standards and assessment readiness tools. How-to for text comparisons with prereaders. Classroom-tested examples of successful lessons. Templates for planning and organizing lessons around varied literary genres and informational texts. Step-by-step instructions for developing lessons around a topic, theme, person, or issue. Digital support to extend the concepts and ideas presented in the lessons.
Author Bio
Janice A. Dole is professor of education and director of the Reading and Literacy Program in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Utah. Brady E. Donaldson is a literacy coach for the Salt Lake City School District. Rebecca S. Donaldson is a Title I Instructional Improvement Specialist for the Utah State Office of Education.