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Dilemmas in Educational Leadership

The Facilitator's Book of Cases

Donna J. Reid

64 pages
Teachers College Press
In this book, educational consultant and group coach Donna Reid argues that popular vehicles for improving school cultures and student achievement, such as professional learning communities and critical friends groups, too often fail because the participants are unaware or unwilling to make the required changes for successful collaboration and change. To assist facilitators and group leaders, the author presents narrative cases that examine the experiences of teacher leaders, principals, consultants, and parents as they negotiate the difficulties of reluctant team members, hostile colleagues, maintaining group interest, sharing responsibility, using technology, and cultural competency. Each case study includes questions for reflection that can be used by individuals or in small groups to improve facilitation skills. Book Features: Addresses the roles of the facilitator and participants. Focuses on the complex contexts in which educators must work. Illustrates a range of challenges with possible ways to manage them. Offers strategies for building sustainable relationships, such as how to include new colleagues and work with difficult people. Discusses common tensions, such as sharing responsibility, respecting confidentiality, and developing cultural competence.
Author Bio
Donna J. Reid is an educational consultant and a critical friends group coach for the Houston Independent School District. Visit her website at www.donnajreid.com.