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Writing and Teaching to Change the World

Connecting with Our Most Vulnerable Students

Stephanie Jones Celia Genishi Donna E. Alvermann

160 pages
Teachers College Press
Perfect for use in teacher preparation courses and professional learning groups, this book shows what critical pedagogy looks like and identifies the conditions needed for it to emerge in the K–12 classroom. Focusing on and documenting their experiences with one of their most disenfranchised students, six teachers analyze and rethink what they do in the classroom and why they do it. In so doing, each comes to reimagine who they are as teachers and as individuals. This engaging collection illuminates writing as a powerful tool for thinking deeply about how and why teachers respond to students in particular ways. Book Features: Prompts and writing exercises at the end of each chapter to support teacher-writer groups. Guiding questions at the end of each chapter to support the instructional practices of K-12 teachers. Powerful stories of teachers' and students' experiences with standards, tracking practices, evaluation practices, and life. Helpful appendixes, including books for further reading and an essay about the Oral Inquiry Process by Bob Fecho.
Author Bio
Stephanie Jones is associate professor in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice at The University of Georgia and codirector of the Red Clay Writing Project. Her books include The Reading Turn-Around: A Five-Part Framework for Differentiated Instruction.