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East Meets West in Teacher Preparation

Crossing Chinese and American Borders

Wen Ma

208 pages
Teachers College Press

East Meets West in Teacher Preparation gives voice to an increasing number of teacher educators from China teaching in America’s universities. With this unique book, American educators can learn about Chinese educational thinking and practices directly from those who have personal and professional knowledge of and experience in both the United States and Chinese systems. Drawing on their lived experiences and perspectives, contributors discuss how they view the similarities and differences between educational systems in the United States and China, what strategies they use to navigate through complex sociocultural boundaries, and what possibilities exist for the American and Chinese educational communities to learn from each other. This important book offers educators an in-depth exploration and understanding of the growing relationship between Chinese and American pedagogical approaches and practices.

Author Bio

Wen Ma is associate professor in the Department of Education at Le Moyne College, and president of the Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association.