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The States of Child Care

Building a Better System

Sara Gable Marcy Whitebook Sharon Ryan

208 pages
Teachers College Press
As the U.S. economy continues to falter and families face ongoing wage stagnation and widening income inequalities, there is an urgent need for a better, integrated approach to child care. This accessible, up-to-date account of the chronic issues plaguing child care reform offers viable solutions drawn from a model state child care system in North Carolina. Original data from interdisciplinary research illustrates the complex landscape of U.S. child care, as well as the ambiguous relationship society has with the sobering statistic that 64% of women with children under 6 are employed and in need of reliable, high-quality care of their young children. Book Features: The history and demographics of U.S. child care policy. Analysis of several persistent forces impeding the emergence of a national child care system. Contemporary ideas about motherhood, employment, and child care for pay. An extensive review of research on child care and child development. Recommendations focusing on policy integration and workforce development.
Author Bio
Sara Gable is an associate professor and extension specialist in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at the University of Missouri.