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Race Frameworks

A Multidimensional Theory of Racism and Education

Zeus Leonardo James A. Banks

216 pages
Teachers College Press

This is a comprehensive introduction to the main frameworks for thinking about, conducting research on, and teaching about race and racism in education. Renowned theoretician and philosopher Zeus Leonardo surveys the dominant race theories and, more specifically, focuses on those frameworks that are considered essential to cultivating a critical attitude toward race and racism. The book examines four frameworks: Critical Race Theory (CRT), Marxism, Whiteness Studies, and Cultural Studies, with a critique following each one in order to analyze its strengths and set its limits. The last chapter offers a theory of “race ambivalence,” which combines aspects of all four theories into one framework. Engaging and cutting edge, Race Frameworks is a foundational text suitable for courses in education and critical race studies.


Introduction: Critical Frameworks on Race

1.;Critical Race Theory in Education: On Racial State Apparatuses

2.;Marxism and Race: The Racialized Division of Labor

3.;Whiteness Studies and Educational Supremacy:

The Unbearable Whiteness of Schooling

4.;Cultural Studies, Race Representation, and Education:

From the Means of Production to the Production of Meanness

5.;Race Ambivalence and a Multidimensional Theory of Racism and Education

Author Bio

Zeus Leonardo is associate professor of Education and affiliated faculty of the Critical Theory Designated Emphasis at the University of California, Berkeley. He received the 2021 AERA Scholars of Color Distinguished Career Contribution Award.