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All About Words

Increasing Vocabulary in the Common Core Classroom, Pre K-2

Susan B. Neuman Tanya S. Wright D. Ray Reutzel

176 pages
Teachers College Press
Vocabulary forms a relentless divide between children who succeed and those who do not. This divide is often between poor children and their privileged counterparts. Without vocabulary knowledge, children cannot interpret text meaningfully or respond in ways that enable them to fully participate in classroom discussions. All About Words is a practical guide designed to help early childhood teachers take advantage of the unique opportunity provided by the Common Core State Standards. It offers strategies for planning and presenting vocabulary instruction and for monitoring children’s word learning progress, along with helpful appendices that provide specific guidance on which words to teach. Each chapter includes ideas to support home-school connections, recognizing the important role parents play in children’s vocabulary development. Throughout, the authors encourage readers to examine day-to-day classroom issues, making it an ideal resource for professional development. Book Features: Helpful summary of key CCSS features and how they play out for PreK–2 teachers. Accessible reviews of key research. Evidence-based, developmentally appropriate teaching strategies. Classroom examples demonstrating how strategies look in action. “Think About It” sections to help teachers and coaches facilitate discussion. Helpful lists of vocabulary words children should be able to use, as well as student texts that support vocabulary growth and development.
Author Bio
Susan B. Neuman is a professor at the University of Michigan and New York University, and has served as the U.S. Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education. Her books include Changing the Odds for Children at Risk and Giving Our Children a Fighting Chance. Tanya S. Wright is an assistant professor in the department of Teacher Education at Michigan State University.