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Everyday Artists

Inquiry and Creativity in the Early Childhood Classroom

Dana Frantz Bentley Sharon Ryan

160 pages
Teachers College Press
For the young child, art is a way of solving problems, conceptualizing the world, and creating new possibilities. Everyday Artists addresses the disconnect that exists between the teaching of art and the way young children actually experience art. In doing so, this book questions commonly held notions and opens up exciting new possibilities for art education in the early childhood classroom. A practicing teacher herself, Bentley uses vignettes of children’s everyday activities—from block building to clean-up to outdoor play—to help teachers identify and scaffold the genuine artistic practice of young children. Book Features: Tangible examples of everyday art experiences told through lively classroom stories. An examination of the teacher’s role with suggestions of appropriate ways to support children’s artistic expression. Clear explanations of how inquiry and creativity contribute to the overall thinking and learning of the young child. A “Voice of the Teacher” section that offers teaching strategies for extending children’s thinking and learning. A wide range of ideas for teachers who feel they do not know how to “do” art.
Author Bio
Dana Frantz Bentley is a teacher researcher and preschool teacher at Buckingham Browne and Nichols School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She received a Doctorate of Education from the Art and Art Education Program at Teachers College, Columbia University.