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Social Studies, Literacy, and Social Justice in the Common Core Classroom

A Guide for Teachers

Ruchi Agarwal-Rangnath

168 pages
Teachers College Press

Inspired by the author’s research and work with preservice and beginning teachers, this book presents a unique framework to help educators (grades 3–8) embed their efforts to teach social studies for social justice within the context of literacy. It is a resource for using primary and other sources that will offer students new ways of thinking about history while meeting Language Arts Common Core Standards demands for information text and critical thinking. Grounded in the daily realities of today’s public schools, the framework offers a way of planning that takes into account teaching factors that include pressures for content coverage, preparation of students for high-stakes tests, and the low importance placed by many districts on including social studies in the curriculum. Each chapter explains how teachers can restructure, reshape, and work with mandated curriculum materials to teach from a critical perspective. The book also discusses how to meet most state standards by teaching language arts and social studies as complementary subjects.

Book Features:

  • Sample lessons.
  • Text boxes indicating connections to Common Core Standards.
  • Reflection exercises that help further extend concepts and understandings into classroom practice.
Author Bio

Ruchi Agarwal-Rangnath is an adjunct professor in elementary education at San Francisco State University, and vice president of the National Association of Multicultural Education, California Chapter (NAME-CA). As an educational consultant she works with schools to develop and enrich their mission of teaching toward equity and social justice.