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Education 3.0

Seven Steps to Better Schools

James G. Lengel

240 pages
Teachers College Press
In his new book, renowned educator and technology expert James G. Lengel provides a refreshing and hopeful picture of what schools should look like and a groundbreaking 7-step process for envisioning and building them that draws on the full possibilities offered by new digital technologies. He describes the process in action through the eyes of a student, a teacher, and a school leader. Education 3.0 includes an array of tools to create a new vision, write a comprehensive plan, and implement the changes in one’s own school. Based on the author’s background as a teacher and administrator, his experience with the educational divisions of Apple Computer and Cisco Systems, and his recent consulting work with more than 30 start-up middle and high schools in New York City, this dynamic book features: A proven step-by-step process for school change complete with templates and samples. Guidance for integrating the latest technologies into the overall school planning and improvement process.  First-hand accounts from schools that are practicing the principles of Education 3.0 today.
Author Bio
Jim Lengel is on the faculty of Hunter College of the City University of New York. He consults with organizations around the world and publishes a weekly column and podcast on teaching with technology at PowerToLearn.com.