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The 3 Dimensions of Improving Student Performance

Finding the Right Solutions to the Right Problems

Robert Rueda

144 pages
Teachers College Press

In this important book, respected educator Robert Rueda proposes a multidimensional model that will provide a more comprehensive lens for addressing the achievement gap in today’s schools.

Drawing on work from educational psychology as well as several other fields, Rueda identifies three primary reasons for the stubborn failure of most school reform efforts: (1) a fragmentation of approaches, (2) a misalignment of approaches and goals, and (3) a failure to match solutions to problems. He argues that most performance and achievement problems are rooted in knowledge gaps, motivation gaps, and institutional gaps, or a combination thereof. This book provides an overview of each of these 3 dimensions, and discusses ways that they can affect performance. It discusses a problem-solving framework that helps pinpoint where gaps exist in school efforts to improve performance, and then targets the development of solutions and successful outcome loops that are customized to the specific areas that are problematic. The book concludes with a discussion of cultural and contextual considerations that must be taken into account when addressing school-based problems.

At a time of shrinking budgets and growing accountability, this practical book provides a way to assure that scarce resources are targeted appropriately.

Author Bio

Robert Rueda is the Stephen H. Crocker Professor of Education at the Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California. Specialties in which he publishes, speaks, and consults with school districts include learning and instruction, motivation, urban education leadership, literacy, and success for English language learners.