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The Algebra Solution to Mathematics Reform

Completing the Equation

Frances R. Spielhagen

112 pages
Teachers College Press
How can we increase mathematics achievement among all students? This book provides a straightforward explanation of how changing mathematics tracking policies to provide algebra instruction to all students by at least 8th grade can bring about changes in both student achievement and teacher performance. Spielhagen chronicles the success of a large school district that changed the way mathematics was delivered and increased success rates across all populations. Featuring interviews with students and teachers, the author shows how all stakeholders were brought into the process of changing policy from the ground up. Offering a model for success that can be replicated by other districts, this resource: Provides a comprehensive account of how mathematics policy that evolved in the United States over the last century has resulted in low math literacy among our population. Addresses the recommendations and counterpoints to the report of the National Mathematics Panel (2009). Includes real-life examples of how stakeholders responded to the policy change that revolutionized mathematics instruction in their district.
Author Bio
Frances R. Spielhagen is associate professor of education and co-director of the Center for Adolescent Research and Development at Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh, New York.