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On Narrative Inquiry

Approaches to Language and Literacy

David Schaafsma Ruth Vinz

Teachers College Press
Can stories about students and classrooms be the basis for meaningful research? In this book, the authors describe and tell illustrative stories about the potential and limits of narrative for the purpose of inquiry in English education. They argue that narrative inquiry is uniquely suited to the questions educators are asking in the field today. This book introduces us to narrative scholars who engage us in philosophical and methodological discussions and it describes how narrative works in relation to the telling of a story or stories. It also provides examples of narrative inquiry to inspire you to create academic work that is both imaginative and responsible. On Narrative Inquiry will be useful to graduate students and novice and experienced researchers who want to learn more about the range of methodological considerations for compiling and presenting narrative accounts. Book Features: An overview of the use of narrative research in language and literacy education. Guidance for theorizing, defining, conducting, and crafting narrative inquiry. Examples of the various forms narrative inquiry might take. A final chapter that offers a provocation about future considerations for narrative inquiry. (It’s a literary comic!)
Author Bio
David Schaafsma is an Associate Professor of English Education at the University of Illinios at Chicago. Ruth Vinz is a Professor of English Education and the Morse Professor of Teacher Education at Teachers College, Columbia University.