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Action Research in Special Education

An Inquiry Approach for Effective Teaching and Learning

Susan Bruce Gerald J. Pine Susan L. Lytle Marilyn Cochran-Smith

160 pages
Teachers College Press
This is the first book about action research devoted to the complex issues faced by children with special needs and their teachers. The authors begin by providing the historical and philosophical underpinnings of action research and then present a framework for conducting action research in special education. In addition, they feature four examples of actual teacher-researcher studies, as well as a “how-to” chapter that outlines the basic principles needed for conducting action research. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in using action research to enhance student achievement and to address issues of social justice faced by children with special needs. Book Features: Details of the origins and practice of action research in special education. Demonstration of how action research is a dedicated component of preservice teacher preparation. Examples of action research performed by students in the field.
Author Bio
Susan M. Bruce is an associate professor at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College, with a focus on special education. Gerald J. Pine (deceased) was a professor emeritus at the Lynch School of Education, Boston College.