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Changing the Odds for Children at Risk

Seven Essential Principles of Educational Programs That Break the Cycle of Poverty

Susan B. Neuman

240 pages
Teachers College Press
In this insightful and revealing book, the author shows how we can break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage and change the odds for children at risk. Describing how previous reforms have missed the mark, she offers a framework based on seven essential principles for implementing more effective programs and policies. In a highly readable style, Neuman highlights programs that are making a difference in children's lives across the country, weaving together narratives that tell a compelling story of hope and promise for our most disadvantaged children. Chapters address: The Critical Early Years for Changing the Odds, Funding What Works, Helping to Strengthen Families, Quality Early Care and Education, Community-Based Programs, After-School Programs, and The Public Will.
Author Bio
Susan B. Neuman is a Professor in Educational Studies at the University of Michigan, School of Education. Previously she has served as the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education.