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Examining Effective Teacher Leadership

A Case Study Approach

Sara Ray Stoelinga Melinda M. Mangin

208 pages
Teachers College Press
This book examines the work of elementary-level, nonsupervisory, school-embedded, instructional teacher leader roles using research-based case studies. Instructional teacher leaders aim to help teachers develop the skills and knowledge necessary for continued instructional improvement and, ultimately, enhanced student learning. The authors use research to identify the fundamental components of instructional teacher leadership, which they present using actual school cases. For each case, the authors provide theoretical frameworks and activities to deepen understandings. This research-based instructional resource: Illustrates the work of teacher leaders, the dilemmas they face, and the contexts within which they work. Facilitates the examination of teacher leadership from a variety of conceptual, theoretical, and analytical perspectives. Provides high-quality instructional materials for use in formal courses, professional development workshops, and by individuals engaged in teacher leadership.
Author Bio
Sara Ray Stoelinga is a senior research analyst at the Consortium on Chicago School Research at the University of Chicago. Melinda M. Mangin is an assistant professor in educational administration at Michigan State University. Together the authors co-edited the recently published book Effective Teacher Leadership: Using Research to Inform and Reform.