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Collaborative Action Research

Developing Professional Learning Communities

Stephen P. Gordon

224 pages
Teachers College Press
This timely book describes the work of the School Improvement Network, a partnership in which university professors and graduate students collaborated with K–12 school leaders and teachers to design, implement, and assess schoolwide action research projects focused on long-term school improvement. Presenting a comprehensive model, this resource can be used as an orientation to what action research is all about and as a map to guide participants through the process of action research. Describing the role of both the university and the school, this book: Explores critical aspects of collaborative action, including establishing relationships, using critical friends, developing leadership teams, readiness, organization, and implementation. Provides lessons learned from successful and unsuccessful programs, to show schools what to do and what to avoid. Examines schools in Texas that have used action research to improve student achievement within a standards-based environment. Contributors: Michael Boone, Barbara Davis, Julie Diehl, Iris Escandón, Miguel A. Guajardo, Marla W. McGhee, Sarah W. Nelson, Jane Ross, Charles L. Slater, John Smyth, and Suzanne M. Stiegelbauer.
Author Bio
Stephen P. Gordon is Professor of Education and Community Leadership at Texas State University–San Marcos.