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Re-Reading Famililes

The Literate Lives of Urban Children, Four Years Later

Catherine Compton-Lilly Susan L. Lytle Marilyn Cochran-Smith

Teachers College Press
Four years after publishing her provocative study, Reading Families: The Literate Lives of Urban Children, Compton-Lilly revisits the same group of urban students (then first graders, now fourth and fifth graders) and their families. Armed with rare longitudinal data from follow-up interviews and reading assessments, she once again upsets widespread misconceptions about reading and urban families. This eye-opening sequel uses case studies to explore important issues, such as students’ feelings of connection to their school; gender and schooling; parents’ experiences dealing with “the system”; high-stakes testing; and technology use at home. Building on past insights, this book: Uses an innovative approach to educational research to explore why urban students often have difficulty becoming proficient readers. Employs case studies to support a new construct called “reading capital.” Offers important recommendations for teaching in diverse communities. Models longitudinal qualitative research, describing the critical role it plays in studying a child’s experiences with school.
Author Bio
Catherine Compton-Lilly is an Assistant Professor in Literacy at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She taught in the public schools of New York State for 18 years.