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After-School Success

Academic Enrichment Strategies with Urban Youth

Anne Bouie

224 pages
Teachers College Press
In this inspiring book, Anne Bouie details her work with underachieving urban youth and their families at Project Interface, a math and science enrichment program, where she developed a unique approach to raising achievement. Bouie argues that rather than identifying deficits and dysfunctions in the family, a more effective method would focus on strengths and build on the inherent resilience of the community. She describes the design and implementation of this collaboratively organized, community-based after-school enrichment program that worked. Her insights are a valuable tool for any educational or youth program interested in fostering lasting academic success. Book Features include: Testimonials from youth, staff, and parents who participated in a successful after-school program. Indicators for effective and ineffective implementation based on a field-tested model. Indicators to help motivate and enable students to put forth effort and try, in spite of having failed in the past. Strategies to engage families and community members. Insights for policymakers and practitioners who may wish to start a program or assess an existing one.
Author Bio
Anne Bouie works as a consultant to urban schools and policymaking organizations focused on positive systemic change. She served as Executive Director of Interface Institute, a community-based organization working with underachieving, high-potential children and youth in East Oakland.