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Preparing America's Teachers

A History

James W. Fraser Barbara Finkelstein William Reese

304 pages
Teachers College Press

The preparation of America’s teachers is among the foremost issues facing education in the United States today. In this compelling account, James W. Fraser, an eminent historian of education, takes readers through two centuries of teacher preparation to uncover its development from colonial times to current standards-based models. Fraser examines a broad array of institutional arrangements, such as more familiar “normal schools” and less well-known arrangements, including teacher institutes and high school programs in rapidly expanding cities, segregated communities, rural areas, and Indian reservations. For any reader wishing to understand how to prepare teachers and reform schools, Fraser’s incisive survey provides much-needed historical grounding.

Author Bio

James W. Fraser is a professor at the Steinhardt School of Education, New York University, and founding dean of the School of Education, Northeastern University.