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The Color of Success

Race and High-Achieving Urban Youth

Gilberto Q. Conchas

168 pages
Teachers College Press

Through students’ own voices and perspectives, this book reveals how and why some racial minorities achieve academic success, despite limited opportunity. Based on the experiences of Black, Latino, and Vietnamese urban high school students, the author provides a revealing comparative analysis that offers insight into how schools can create opportunities and safe learning environments where youth acquire real goals, expectations, and tangible pathways for success. Offering alternatives to current practices and structures of inequality that plague educational systems throughout the nation, this sociologically informed book:

  • Takes a rare look at urban school success stories, instead of those depicting failure.
  • Explores the social processes that enable racial minority youth to escape the unequal structures of urban schooling to perform well in school.
  • Focuses on youth’s interpretations and reactions to the schooling process to determine how schools can empower youth and promote the social mobility of low-income urban populations.
Author Bio

Gilberto Q. Conchas is a faculty member in the Department of Education, Chicano/Latino Studies, and Sociology at the University of California, Irvine.